Garden Shed Assembly

At Sheds and Shelters we offer an onsite Garden Shed Assembly service for your steel shed, wooden shed, summer house or garden room New Zealand wide. Some areas in New Zealand will incur a small travel fee, please contact us if you are unsure whether we service your area.

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All Sheds and Shelters products come in kitset pack for easy and affordable transport. You have the choice of assembling your item yourself or have our expert assemblers install your garden shed or garden shelter. The standard assembly price includes assembly of your garden shed on a clear and level site, accessories are a small additional charge. 

Our assemblers work with New Zealand made quality garden sheds, storage sheds and garden shelters. They do not install certain brands of garden sheds or products due to their poor quality. If you are wanting your shed assembled we suggest you order your garden shed and assembly through Sheds and Shelters – a one stop shop! We can supply you with a top quality shed that our experienced assemblers will be sure to install!

Garden Shed Install Requirements:

Your site needs to be clear and level so your shed is perfect! The foundations are the most important part of a trouble free shed. If the area isn’t clear or level parts can become difficult to install and doors don’t hang correctly and can become difficult to open and close. 

If your site isn’t as described below this isn’t usually a problem as our assemblers are also experts in preparing foundations, however extra charges will apply. Contact us if you aren’t sure and we can quote the extra work required. 

Clear Site: The Area needs to be clear or rubbish, rocks and tree roots

Level Site: The Area needs to be flat and level – No slope and no variances in the surface


Space Required: Our installers require 500mm on all sides of the shed to fit all parts correctly. Often 1 or 2 sides are against a fence/house wall and this isnt usually a problem, however this may slow the installer down and there may be extra charges – he will advise you on the day or contact us now to discuss your situation! 

Please remember that all Shed Installations are subject to weather. Our installers cannot build your shed in the rain or wind as this is a Health and Safety concern. They are climbing ladders and dealing with sharp pieces of steel that become slippery when wet.

Carport Installation:

Carports and Patio Covers also come in Kitset pack to be shipped NZ wide. We currently have installers in a few regions in NZ and can cover the Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch areas. Please contact us for your free quote or to discuss a site visit!