5 Tips to choosing the right Garden Shed

Kiwi MK 2A 2 A garden shed is a must have for all home owners and DIYers but choosing the right garden shed can be difficult. They offer great storage for household and gardening items and are a great work space for handymen. Prior to purchasing your garden shed it is important you ask yourselves these few questions to help identify what garden shed is best for you. After all you don’t want to invest in a shed that isn’t right!  
  1. What do you want to use it for?
Ask yourself this question and determine what the main use of you garden shed will be. Is it storage? A work space? Or both? If you are wanting a simple storage solution to de clutter your garage then the Galvo, Spanbilt or Smartstore brands would be sufficient. If you are a serious DIYer or wanting to use your shed as a work space we suggest the top of the range Duratuf or Gardenmaster sheds. The Duratuf sheds have internal timber framing for added strength and also makes it easy to attach shelving, workbenches and tool boards – great for a workspace! The Cedar and Pinehaven wooden sheds are a great shed for any use – a sleepout, office, storage area, or workspace.
  1. Size
What size area do you have available? Mark out the area your garden shed will go and measure. Remember to include the roof overhang and opening of the door. Will a standard size do? Or do you a need a shed custom made?
  1. Steel or Timber garden shed?
This will depend on personal preference, the use of you garden shed and also what style of shed will suit your property. Timber sheds are more expensive but have many benefits whereas steel sheds are the cheaper and most popular option.
  1. Roof Type
There are three main roof types, Gable, sloping and Flat roof. This decision mainly comes down to the size of the shed. As the shed becomes deeper the roof type then changes to gable as a sloping or flat roof could sag. However, if you are wanting a lower profile shed that sits below/in line with a fence then we suggest a flat or sloping roof shed. Gable roof sheds offer greater head room with a higher pitched roof. However, the roof type is customisable on all Duratuf sheds. Extra wall height is also available on all Gardenmaster and Duratuf sheds – ideal for those who are taller!
  1. Price
How much do you want to spend? This will depend on the use of your shed and whether a cheap and simple storage shed will do the trick. However,  you do not want to sacrifice the quality of your shed for a cheaper option. Remember you get what you pay for!