Do I need Council Consent for my Garden Shed?

Garden shed council consent

Do I need Council Consent for my Garden Shed? Garden shed council consent

There is no simple answer to this as there are a few factors to consider when purchasing and assembling your garden shed. Below are a few basic guidelines to follow but we do suggest consulting your local council if you are unsure as requirements can differ between Regions in NZ. -Garden Sheds under 10m2 in base size do not require consent for SIZE -Your garden shed should be the height away from a Boundary. However, if you are wanting to position your garden shed at the front of your property, ie, between the road and house, different regulations may apply. As you would be aware majority of people position their garden shed against a Boundary/Fence, this is up to the property owner but please be aware the Council may ask you to move your shed as it should be the height away from the boundary. If your Garden Shed is sitting on a timber floor it can easily be moved to another position if required so may be a safer option. However, if laying a custom made concrete pad this can become difficult so please be aware of these rules prior to doing so. These guidelines have been written to the best of our knowledge, we do suggest contacting your local council to discuss your project.