Garden Shed Base Preparation – What do I need to do?

Whether you are assembling your own shed or have ordered an onsite assembly the site must be clear and level prior to assembly! Garden Shed Base Preparation is the most important factor to consider as it is crucial your shed is assembled on a flat and solid base otherwise you may run into problems during assembly, ie parts not lining up correctly or the door may twist and become difficult to open and close.

Timber Floor Base Preparation

Timber floors consist of treated bearers and floor boards which are made to sit on grass, dirt, sand, or gravel without rotting. If you have ordered a timber floor it is important the ground is clear and level prior to assembling the shed and floor. This means no slope or uneven ground. To level your site we recommend you mark out the area 100-200mm larger than the shed and check how level the ground is using a spirit level. If the ground is uneven you need to dig out the high areas to create a flat site. You may want to finish off by laying gravel on this area which will help with water drainage but isn’t necessary. Ensure the site is also clear of any rubbish, tree roots or rocks and then begin your assembly.

Concrete pad Base Preparation

If you are laying a custom made raised concrete pad ensure it is made to the correct specifications and is square otherwise your shed won’t fit! Check the assembly instructions and/or concrete pad instructions of the model of shed you are purchasing and lay your pad according to the directions. If you already have a concrete pad which is larger than the shed, this may be suitable but please be aware the shed may not seal to the pad and water may seep under and into the shed. To eliminate this possibility it would be best to purchase a timber floor kitset at the time of ordering your shed.   All sites and requirements are different so if you have any questions or are unsure what to do send us a photo of you site and we will point you in the right direction! If you are ordering an onsite shed assembly and the area is uneven or sloping our assemblers can level this for a small cost. If the area is very uneven and you think the site may require piling our assemblers can also do this, please contact us for information and pricing!
Garden Shed Base Preparation - not Level Not Level
Garden Shed Base Preparation - Level Yes Level