Carport FAQ’s

Does my Carport include gutters?

Yes! The Formsteel carports are a simple design which consist of posts, gutters and Purlindek roof sheets! The roof is tilted to one corner to allow water to run off the roof sheets and along the gutters to the lowest point. A downpipe is them dropped down the corner and you can direct the water to a nearby drain – its as simple as that!

I’ve seen some cheap Carports on the market, how do they differ from Formsteel Carports?

Formsteel carports are manufactured in Auckland, New Zealand, from NZ Steel (NZ’s leading steel making company) for a carport you can trust. All Formsteel carports are engineered to meet NZ codes and conditions and also have a 25 year warranty. Cheaper carports are often imported and are made from inferior materials as well as not being engineered. This means if your carport requires council consent it will not be granted as the council require a current PS1 and Engineering. Buy a Carport you can trust and invest in a Formsteel Carport.


Can you offer an Assembly Service for my Carport?

Yes we can! This is restricted to certain areas in New Zealand but so far we can install your Formsteel carport throughout the Waikato, Christchurch and the Auckland regions. We may be able to cover other areas with a small travel cost so contact us now and ask.

Can my Formsteel Carport be used as a Patio Cover?

Absolutely! This is a very popular use for our carports as they can be custom designed to suit your entertainment area! The Formsteel Carports are an attractive design with the ability to have clear roof panels making them an ideal shelter over your outdoor space. The Formsteel shelters are also a cost effective option when compared to many patio covers out there.

What brand of Carports do you sell?

We specialise in selling Formsteel carports. Formsteel carports are New Zealand’s largest selling carport with over 30 years of experience. These carports are New Zealand made and engineered to withstand new Zealand conditions and codes unlike many other carports on the market. The Formsteel carports also have a 25 year warranty where replacement parts can be easily made. The Formsteel carports are an attractive, simple yet strong design perfect for any home as a carport, patio cover or pool/spa shelter!

Why buy a Formsteel Carport?

The Formsteel carports are the best on the market and are a high quality structure engineered specifically to suit New Zealand wind and snow loads. The Formsteel structures are designed and produced in New Zealand meaning they are made from top quality materials and are backed with a 25 year warranty, unlike many imported carports. Many carports are imported meaning they are produced from thinner gauge steel and aren’t designed for New Zealand conditions with light snow and wind ratings. Imported structures are often used as a quick fix and temporary solution as they don’t last a lifetime, however, the Formsteel carports are built to last.

What is the difference between the Formsteel Mono and Classic Carports?

The colour choices available! The Classic is the cheaper option but only comes in 3 colour options where as the Mono has a larger selection.

There are a few minor differences in construction, the mono features a support channel which can be very handy if you are using the shelter as a patio cover over your deck.

If you would like further explanation please give us a call – 0800 743 346

Do I need building consent for my Formsteel carport?

Carports under 20m2 (floor area) do not require consent for size, however, there may be other factors to consider such as positioning from boundaries and site coverage. It is best to contact your local council, tell them what you would like to do and see what they say. Different councils have slightly different rules so there isnt a simple answer to this question.

In terms of size our standard single entry flat and gable roof carports do not require consent. Also the flat roof 5.4 x 5.4 is the only double carport under 20m2!

The 20m2 is measured using the carports floor area which is inside the posts.


However, they may require consent depending on their positioning on site or ground coverage. The double entry flat and gable roof carports do require consent. For further details please contact your local council.

If I need building consent does the price include this?

No, building consent can be a timely process so would be fairly expensive for us to do. If you would like us to do it please give us a call and we can talk this through – 0800 743 346.

For the council to grant your building consent the carport needs to have a PS1 and up to date engineering to prove the structure is designed and built to NZ codes. The Formsteel Carports are NZ made and have full engineering so this isn’t a problem! We will email through the relevant information for you to take to your local council.


What standard sizes do you offer?

We have a large range of standard sizes in both single and double entry carports. In our single carport range we have two widths, 3.0m wide and 3.6m wide and a large range of depths. With our double carports we have two main widths, 5.4m and 6.0m wide and again a large range of depths. Check out the range here… and remember if there isn’t a size that suits we can custom make, contact us with your preferred width and depth and we will send you a quote.

The standard sizes don’t suit me, can you custom make my carport?

YES! As well as offering our standard sizes we also specialize in custom made carports. We can modify your carports width, length and height to suit your requirements. With the Formsteel carports the options are endless, please contact us to discuss.

Can I assemble my carport myself?

This is only a question you can answer. The Formsteel carports come in kitset form with comprehensive assembly instructions and are a great DIY project for the home handyman. However, the flat roof carports are easier to assemble than the gable roof. If you would like to view the assembly instructions before purchasing your carport please contact us.

Will my Carport withstand NZ conditions – snow and high wind zones?

Yes! The Formsteel carports are a New Zealand made structure and have been engineered to suit New Zealand conditions. These carports have been designed to suit snow and high wind zones throughout New Zealand – please check your area with us as there are different specifications for different areas. If you are in a high wind or snow zone contact us with your full address and we will run it through our system to see if the engineering covers your area.

Does my Carport have a warranty?

Yes! Formsteel carports have one of the highest warranties in New Zealand and because they are New Zealand made replacement parts are easily accessible. The Formsteel carports have a 25 year factory warranty!!

Can my Formsteel Carport have clear roof panels?

Yes! However, these are only available on flat roof models. The clear roof panels replace a sheet of roofing iron, they cannot be positioned on the end or side by side due to strength reasons. Please contact us to find out how many you can have on a certain carport.

What is the difference between Zinc and Coloursteel?

Both zincalume and Coloursteel carports are constructed from the same gauge of steel, however, the coloursteel carports are coated with an extra layer which provides greater protection. Zincalume is iron coated with zinc to protect the iron from rusting. The colour is applied over a series of primer coats on top of the zincalume, giving added protection. We recommend the Colour option for coastal areas.

Should I concrete my driveway before or after putting my Formsteel Carport in?

After your carport is installed! This allows for a cheaper and easier assembly as the posts are put in ground. If you concrete the driveway before you then have to cut into the concrete which is extra cost and doesn’t look as tidy. We can supply base plates to bolt the posts to your concrete pad, however, these are expensive.

I already have a concrete driveway, can I still put a Carport in?

Yes! There are two options here, if your concrete is thick and strong enough we can supply base plates at an additional cost, these bolt to the posts and into the concrete. As an alternative you can cut into your concrete pad and mount the posts in ground. Please contact us for pricing and information regarding the base plates.

How high is my Carport? What will my carports clear entry be?

Standard carports come with 3 metre length posts which allows for a 2.1m clear entry (.900mm in ground). However, extra length posts can be ordered at a small cost. Carports can have a clear entry of 3 metres, anything above this requires the posts to be filled with concrete and rebar, please contact us to discuss.

Do you ship New Zealand wide?

Yes. Our carports come in kitset pack making transport affordable. We can ship your carport to your nearest Mainfreight depot; Ashburton, Auckland, Blenheim, Christchurch,  Cromwell, Dunedin, Gisborne, Greymouth, Hamilton, Invercargill, Kaitaia, Masterton, Napier, Nelson, New Plymouth, Oamaru, Palmerston North, Rotorua, Taupo, Tauranga, Thames, Timaru, Wanganui, Wellington, West Coast, Whangarei. Please contact us for a price.

Does my carport come with everything I need to assemble it?

Yes! Your carport comes in kitset form with all rivets, silicone, drain pipe and fixings included.

What tools will I need to assemble my Carport?

Equipment and material to put posts in ground. Drill, pop riveter, tin snips or a 60mm hole drill for the down pipe dropper. Ladders and planks, safety goggles, gloves and foot protection.


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