Keter Storage Sheds

The Keter sheds are a Resin shed manufactured from recycled materials. There are 3 types of Storage shed as well as a large range of smaller storage solutions suitable for your patio or as cushion boxes.

The Keter sheds have a twin-wall wall panel which makes them a strong shed as well as less likely to condensate as the cavity allows air to flow.

Check out the features of the Keter sheds below and Contact us today to discuss your Keter Shed or shop online here

Please Note: The Keter sheds do include a resin floor, however this must be built on a perfectly level platform for all parts to line up correctly. We suggest either a concrete pad, timber platform or deck. This also means the shed can be secured to your platform underneath to ensure your Resin shed doesn’t blow away.

Artisan Range

The Artisan range are available in 3 popular sizes and have a contemporary design – sloping roof and clean lines make this range an attractive shed for those wanting a modern look shed. The Duotech wall panel is a neutral colour to suit any backyard, however the panel can simply be painted if you would prefer. The Artisan sheds are standard with windows on 3 sides of the shed, vented panels for airflow and double hinged doors!

Oakland Range

The Oakland range are available in 4 popular sizes + the exceptional “My Shed”. These sheds are manufactured from the same Duotech wall panel, however they have a more classic look with a gable shingle roof and victorian style windows.

Newton Range

The Newton Range is available in 3 popular sizes and has an attractive timber look wall panel. The Newton range are manufactured from a twin wall Evotech wall panel – a strong wall panel with a timber look and feel to it while being maintenance free – no painting or staining! The Newton range have a gable roof, windows and vented panels

Key Features of the Keter Sheds:

  • 3 different ranges available – a style to suit your backyard!
  • Twin walled wall panels for greater strength and rigidity
  • Steel reinforcement included for an ultra-robust shed
  • Double doors standard on all models – a door opening of 1.4m
  • Wall panels can be drilled into to add hooks, shelving and tool racks!
  • Wall panels have a rustic look and feel of wood and can be easily painted
  • Easy to assemble due to their pre-cut tongue and groove wall panel
  • Heavy duty Resin floor included
  • Standard with Crystal clear windows
  • Vented panels included for ample air flow
  • Generous head height – 1.8m wall height minimum
  • No accessories available – the shed already comes with a floor, windows and vented panels!
  • Can’t be custom made – this means the sheds are in stock and readily available!
  • Resin based sheds less likely to condensate due to the twin wall design
  • Manufactured from recycled materials
  • Kitset pack including all fixings – Easy to ship NZ wide!
  • Maintenance free shed with a 10 year warranty!
  • Installation service available NZ wide for the Keter sheds! We can even level your area and create a platform if necessary.