What are the Garden Shelters used for?

The Garden Shelters are most commonly used as a spa house or hobby room but are also used as a garden feature or sun room.

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Do I need a floor with my Garden Shelter?

A timber floor kitset is available to purchase when ordering your gazebo, garden shelter or summer house. However, you may also put your garden shelter on a concrete pad, we do recommend putting it on a concrete pad if you are using it as a spa house. The flooring options for your Gazebo are endless as it depends on what look and feel you are wanting to achieve. The Gazebo can be put directly onto grass, stones, concrete, pavers, or a timber floor may be purchased. If you aren’t sure what is best for you please contact us. For the garden rooms and summer houses we do suggest a sturdy floor such as a timber floor kitset or concrete pad.

If I want a concrete pad will you lay it for me?

It is best to contact us and discuss. Some of our assemblers will lay concrete pads whereas some won’t, so this depends on what area in NZ you are. Concrete pads are very time consuming and expensive so it can be better to order a timber floor, however, if a concrete pad is a must contact us and we’ll see what we can do!

Does my Garden Shelter come stained? Should I stain it?

Your Garden Shelter does not come stained. However, we do recommend staining your Gazebo, Summer house or garden shelter to protect it from the harsh NZ weather, this will prolong the life of your shelter.

Can the Garden Shelters be custom made?

The Pinehaven garden Shelters can be custom made. However, the size of the Gazebos and Summer Houses cannot be altered that easily, this is due to the hexagonal/octagonal shape of the structures. The wall panels are completely customisable for these structures where you can have weatherboard or trellis panels on your Gazebo. The wall panels and windows can be customised on the summer houses where you can have extra louvre windows and arrange the wall panels to suit your requirements. The Garden Rooms are fully customisable where the width and length can be easily customised, the wall panels and windows can also be arranged to suit your needs! Please contact us to discuss.

Do I need building consent for my Garden Shelter?

Check with your local council for placement on your property. However, garden Shelters under 10m2 do not require building consent.