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At Sheds and Shelters we want to make the process as simple as possible as there are 100’s of sheds out there. We have the largest range of Garden Sheds available online so there is something for everyone’s backyard and budget! We pride ourselves in the quality of our products and only sell NZ made quality garden sheds, however we still have a cheaper range of sheds that are suitable in some situations. Take our online quiz to determine which brand is most suited for you and browse our sheds online, remember we are just a phone call away if you have any questions  – 0800 743 346

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We have a shed for everyone’s budget and requirements. At Sheds and Shelters we only sell quality New Zealand made products. For the price conscious we offer the Galvo and Smart store sheds with the top of the range being the Gardenmaster and Duratuf sheds.

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No Doubt you will compare our sheds with different manufacturers sheds. However, some manufacturers have entry level/imported sheds that are built to a price. While these sheds look fine cost cutting can be seen if you know what you’re looking for – thinner gauge steel, shorter wall heights, internal sliding doors, warranties and they can also be very difficult to assemble. Don’t forget the saying – you get what you pay for!

Simple answer – Zinc is a silver finish while coloursteel is your choice of colour finish.

Zinc is the standard steel finish coated with Zinc to protect the steel from rusting. Coloursteel sheds have a series of primer coats and then your choice of colour on top of the Zinc, this gives an extra layer for protection as well as being aesthetically pleasing. Zinc is your cheaper option however coloursteel is often recommended in coastal areas as it helps protect the steel from sea spray.

Yes! We have a few brands of sheds that can be completely custom made, contact us with your dream shed and we will design and quote!

The garden Master and Duratuf steel garden sheds are fully customisable as well as the Pinehaven and Cedar timber sheds. The width, depth, height and door position can be altered as well as adding windows, extra doors, clear roof panels, shelving, work benches, tool boards and many more!

The Duratuf Fortress and Kiwi sheds are the best garden shed on the market featuring full internal framing. This creates a strong and durable garden shed as well as making it easier to assemble. It also allows tool boards, workbenches and shelving to be attached easily. A must have for the serious DIYer and is also the preferred option in high wind areas.

This all depends on your circumstances. Many people have the understanding that sliding doors are a curse as they jam, leak and take up extra wall space. However, this is often seen in the cheaper sheds which have INTERNAL sliding doors. Our range of sheds with sliding doors are the Duratuf Kiwi sheds which feature EXTERNAL sliding doors. These are the best on the market, are easi-glide and extremely weatherproof. Sliding doors are also great as they don’t blow around in the wind and are a great choice if you have limited space for opening and closing a door.

On the other hand hinged doors are a simple and effective door and come on most models of garden sheds. They are a sturdy structure as they have diagonal door bracing for added strength.

 The Duratuf sheds are the preferred steel option in high wind areas. The strength of the steel combined with the sturdy timber frame creates a robust structure that withstands strong winds when anchored securely. The Pinehaven and Cedar timber sheds are also recommended in windy areas due to their sturdy wooden structure.

A timber floor can be purchased at the time of ordering your shed and is the cheaper and easier option when compared to a concrete floor. It is sufficient for any home and adequate for larger sheds with ride on lawn mowers. However, a concrete floor is recommended for our larger sheds – workshop range, and mainly comes down to personal preference.

Timber floors consist of ground treated bearers and floor boards and are made to sit on the grass/dirt/gravel. If your site is particularly damp give us call and we can give you our recommendations.

Unfortunately no we don’t lay concrete pads. This is simply because we are shed experts, not concrete experts! Concrete is a specialized skill so it is best to get a concrete professional to do this. 

In some areas we can recommend concrete layers so feel free to contact us to discuss foundations and see if we can help, 

Yes you can. However, if your concrete pad is not custom made for your particular shed it will be very difficult to seal and chances are water will seep into your shed. We recommend purchasing a timber floor kitset as well, this will ensure your shed is extremely waterproof.

We recommend always bolting/pegging your shed down! However, if you are unsure, we recommend anchoring your shed down if you have ordered a small shed, are putting your shed onto a concrete floor or are in an exposed area. These kits can also be purchased when ordering your shed at a small additional cost. 

A bolt down kit is used for anchoring your shed to a concrete pad where a peg down kit it used to anchor your shed to grass/dirt.

Check with your local council for placement on your property. But in New Zealand Garden Sheds under 30mdo not require building consent.

Yes! All Garden Sheds come with assembly instructions. If you would like to read the instructions prior to ordering they are under the ‘Assembly’ tab in each product, or otherwise contact us and we can email them through.

You will need a drill, screwdriver and riveter, tape measure, ladder and in most cases a helping hand. We also recommend hand, eye, and foot protection. Do not install in wet or windy conditions.

It’s best described as a mottled, silvery grey finish, see the steel sample below.

You can, but it can be a tricky process. Similar to painting a corrugated iron roof, so we suggest you do your own research and talk to your local paint shop to decide if it’s something you want to do. We would suggest spending a little bit extra in the first place and ordering the coloursteel option.

All steel sheds are waterproof, however, garden sheds will condensate in cold, damp climates.

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