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Timber sheds are a great addition to any backyard! Here are a few benefits:

  • Attractive looking shed for your back yard
  • Constructed with a full timber frame – this creates a strong shed as well as making it easy to line with ply or attach shelving!
  • Pre-made wall panels means they are one of the easiest garden sheds to install
  • Do not condensate as much as steel garden sheds

No the wooden sheds do not come stained. This is simply because it is a time consuming job and we also don’t know what colour/look you would like!

Once assembled we do recommend staining your shed as this will help prolong the life of the timber You can purchase paint/stain from your local hardware shop and choose the colour to best suit your back yard!

Yes! The Pinehaven and Cedar sheds are both fully customisable where there length, depth and height can be modified with the option of adding windows, clear roof panels and extra doors.

A timber floor can be purchased at the time of ordering your shed and is the cheaper and easier option when compared to a concrete floor. It is sufficient for any garden shed and adequate for the larger models.

Unfortunately no we don’t lay concrete pads. This is simply because we are shed experts, not concrete experts! Concrete is a specialized skill so it is best to get a concrete professional to do this. 

In some areas we can recommend concrete layers so feel free to contact us to discuss foundations and see if we can help, 

Yes you can. However, if your concrete pad is not custom made for your particular shed it will be very difficult to seal and chances are water will seep into your shed. We recommend purchasing a timber floor kitset as well, this will ensure your shed is extremely waterproof.

We recommend always bolting/pegging your shed down! However, the wooden garden sheds are heavy once assembled so may not be necessary. If you are unsure we recommend anchoring your shed down if it is in an exposed/windy area or if you are putting your shed on a concrete floor.

A bolt down kit is used for anchoring your shed to a concrete pad where a peg down kit it used to anchor your shed to grass/dirt.

Check with your local council for placement on your property. But in New Zealand Garden Sheds under 30mdo not require building consent.

Yes! If you would like to read these prior to ordering they are online in the ‘Assembly’ tab under each product, or otherwise please contact us and we can email you a copy.

For all timber sheds you will need ground leveling tools, step ladder, tape measure, spirit level, hammer, drill, pop riveter, tin snips, pozi-drive screw driver, 5/16 hex drill bit, 3/8 hex drill bit, 12mm drill bit, 1/8 drill bit and a 2.5mm drill bit. We also recommend hand, eye and foot protection. Do not assemble in wet or windy conditions.

Yes! We offer an onsite assembly service in most major towns and cities in NZ. If you are a little bit out the way contact us and we’ll let you know. All areas can be covered, however, there may be a small travel charge.

You can order your shed and assembly online by clicking into the shed you are interested in!

Yes! The Pinehaven and Cedar garden sheds are completely waterproof!

Yes! All Sheds and Shelters products come in kitset pack for easy and affordable transport!

Yes! Our Timber sheds are very versatile and a Verandah and/or Deck kitset can be purchased with your shed. Most options are available to order online otherwise contact us now for a free Quote.