Does my Workshop need Council Consent?

Yes. The workshop range is over 10m2 in size and therefore requires council consent. Have a chat to your local council and see what is required, we can provide all the relevant paper work for you.

What flooring option is best for me? Do I need to lay a concrete pad?

As the workshops require building consent they must be placed on an appropriate floor which meets your local councils regulations. Therefore the council will more than likely require you to put your workshop on a concrete pad. Please contact your local council for information regarding the concrete pad.

Can my Workshop be customised?
To a certain extent. The Duratuf Kiwi Workshops are over 10m2 and therefore are an engineered structure that requires consent. The design cannot be altered in terms of width and depth as this will require the engineering and plans to be changed for you to obtain consent. However, windows, clear roof panels, work benches and many other accessories can be added to your workshop. Please contact us for your specific requirements.