Is my Garden Shed Waterproof?

Is my Garden Shed Waterproof?! This is a question we have received a lot lately. With the winter weather here it is important your tools, gardening supplies, kid’s toys and lawnmower are kept out of the weather, but will a garden shed do the trick? YES, garden sheds are waterproof! However there are still a few factors to consider such as condensation and wind.Cedar Inside - Small

Condensation in Garden Sheds

In cold, damp climates both steel and timber garden sheds will condensate. The amount of condensation varies greatly from shed to shed and also depends on location. To help combat condensation we suggest lining the roof with building paper at the time of construction. You can purchase building paper from your local hard ware store or if you have ordered a shed assembly our assembler can supply and install under roof building paper for an additional cost – contact us for pricing. All Cedar wooden sheds are supplied with under roof building paper and the walls are also lined with building paper creating an ultra-dry shed! The photo on the right is of the interior of a Cedar shed!


This is also another factor to consider, will your shed be situated in an exposed or windy area? Or is it sheltered by your house or fence? In extreme cases wind MAY blow a small amount of water into your shed by entering under the eaves and through the ribs in the roof sheets. However, this would be very minimal as Garden Sheds are built to withstand rain.Pre bent roof Different brands of sheds are constructed differently with more emphasis on weatherproofing. Our Duratuf Kiwi premium range of garden sheds are made with press bent roof sheets where the gable roof sheets are made as one whole piece – less joins means less leaks!  The Duratuf Fortress sheds are made with wrap around roof sheets and wrap around wall sheets for enhanced weatherproofing on the corners of your shed! Majority of the time weatherproofing is not an issue unless assembly has not been done correctly. However, condensation may be a factor to consider when purchasing your shed, contact us for more information and pricing on under roof building paper!