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Frame Master Garden shed

Introducing the new Frame Master Framing System!

The Garden master sheds are now available with an aluminium frame for added strength and ease of fitting out your shed

Why an aluminium frame?

  • No Cracking
  • No warping
  • No twisting
  • No Shrinkage
  • No knots

The Aluminium frame is cut to length to slot straight into your shed. It is lightweight yet provides exceptional strength as well as making it easy to fit out your shed! 

Frame Master is available in two styles:


The Kwik frame is the Centre frame and door frame only. This is a more cost effective option while still strengthening your shed


The Sure Frame is the full Frame! This includes a Top, Centre and Bottom frame, along with the door frame and corner frames! This option provides exceptional strength and allows you to fit out your shed creating an amazing storage or work space.


  • Superior when compared to timber! Lightweight yet strong and doesn’t twist, shrink, crack or warp when compared to timber framing
  • The aluminium frame allows you to fit out your shed creating your dream workspace or an exceptional storage shed. Fit shelving or toolboards to the aluminium frame or install hooks to hang gardening tools or bikes! You can now make great use of the wall space which is often wasted in traditional garden sheds
  • 60x25mm aluminium powdercoated framing provides an attractive and strong interior for your shed
  •  Easy Assembly – Build your garden Master shed and then fit your frame inside. Aluminium framing is lightweight so is easy to handle during assembly
  • Consistent Quality – Aluminium is a lightweight yet strong material that doesn’t twist, warp or contain knots like timber framing. It comes cut to length so there is no need for trimming onsite. It also does not absorb moisture so there’s no issues with materials being left in the weather waiting for assembly.