Buying a Garden Shed – What Features should I look for?

Buying a garden shed
No 3 - MK 2 Cut away Buying a Garden Shed – what do I look for? A garden shed is a great investment for every home owner. However, choosing the right garden shed can be difficult as there are many garden sheds out there, both good and bad! At Sheds and Shelters we want to make this process as easy as possible by providing you with information on what to look for when buying a garden shed. After all it’s not something you purchase often so we want to make sure you get it right the first time! These few tips below will help you identify a top quality vs. poor quality garden shed to ensure you purchase the right one!
  • Garden Shed Warranty

Always check the warranty of sheds! At sheds and Shelters we sell quality NZ made garden sheds! We are not here to sell you a cheap imported shed that won’t last. Our warranties range from 10-18 years!
  • Gauge and Quality of Steel 

Always check the gauge and quality of the steel before buying a garden shed! Some companies import their garden sheds from China which are made from poor quality lightweight steel with a low gauge. If you plan on using your garden shed as a work space we recommend investing in a shed with 0.30 – 0.40mm gauge high tensile steel, our Garden Master, Smart Store or Duratuf sheds are perfect for this! If you are wanting a simple storage solution we would recommend a shed no lower than 0.25mm high tensile steel, our Spanbilt and Galvo sheds are our entry level sheds and make a great cost effective storage shed.
  • Is my Garden Shed made in NZ?

This is an important factor to consider when buying a shed, at Sheds and Shelters we supply New Zealand made quality garden sheds. However, you will find other companies sell imported sheds made in China. These sheds look fine but are often made from poor quality materials and are not built to last. It also makes getting replacement parts difficult!
  • Does the shed have Timber Framing? Do I need this?

Internal timber framing is a great benefit for a shed as it creates a strong back bone, makes the shed easier to assemble as well as making it easy to attach shelving, workbenches and tool boards. Do you need this feature? This is only a question you can answer. It makes great use of floor space by allowing you to store items on wall shelves and hang tools from a tool board. However, it is not a necessity for everyone, we suggest if you are using your shed for a work space then internal timber framing is a great benefit. Check out the Duratuf Fortress and Kiwi sheds.
  • What accessories come with a garden shed? Do I need these?

Always check what accessories are available to buy with your shed! Do you need shelf units? Tool racks? Tool boards? Bear in mind steel garden sheds without timber framing are a lot harder to attach shelf units, tool racks etc once you have assembled the shed. If you are wanting to make the most out of your storage shed and maximize floor space we recommend purchasing a shelf unit or tool rack at the time of ordering your shed!
  • How long do I want my garden shed to last?

Some customers require a short term storage solution while others require a long term or workshop situation. This is always something to keep in mind when purchasing your garden shed! If you are wanting a quick fix storage solution then the cheaper range of sheds will do the job perfectly fine. However, if you are wanting a long term, durable garden shed or workshop then the Smartstore, Gardenmaster, Duratuf Fortress and Duratuf Kiwi sheds are your best choice! Check out our range of steel Garden Sheds here…